FWF Partners Annual Giving Program

Board Members

In 2014, the FWF Partners program was initiated by the FWF Board of Directors. 100 percent of the FWF Board of Directors became FWF Partners. The purpose of the FWF Partners Annual Giving Program is to provide a continuing stream of unrestricted support for the Florida Wildlife Federation. FWF PARTNERS are recognized in FWF publications and online. 

The FWF Partners program creates an important stream of consistent support for the Federation. FWF Partner levels include the following annual giving levels:



The form to use to become an FWF Partner can be printed and returned to the FWF Office at: P. O. Box 6870, Tallahassee, FL 32314-6870. Click here to view and download the form. 

The following individuals are FWF Partners: (updated July 2016) 

Conservation Champion
Donald L. Reid, Jr.
Richard Abbott
Manley Fuller

Wildlife Sustainer
Bobbie Lindsay
Alex Sink
Joseph Atterbury

Wildlife Advocate
Franklin Adams
Thomas B. Evans, Jr.
Tim Bachmeyer
Steve O’Hara
Rosemarie Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus Spurlino
Marilu and Chatham Morgan 

Wildlife Steward
Ned Stone 
Linda Stanley 
Billy Causey 
Jenny Brock 
Jay Exum 
Louis P. Kellenburger 
Ray Carthy 
Martha Musgrove 
Keith Overton 
Jim Thomas 
Howard Kessler and Anne Van Meter 
B. B. Sory 
Judith Schulte 
Ann B. Taylor 
Everett Erlick 
Christine M. Aaron Brewer 
Olga Utevskaya 

Friend of Wildlife
Jim Schuette 
Ann Vanek-Dasovich 
Samantha Baraoidan 
Eugene J. Detmer, Jr. 
The Rose Family 
Richard Hamann 
Jeffrey B. Parker 
Drs. David S. and Mary L. Oster Granite 
Frances Wilson 
Barbara Hoffman 
Sondra Rsnikoff 
Melissa Buhler 
Mrs. Ted Parke 
James and Cathy Garrett 
Frank Orser 
Champ Tunno 
Jim Shoultz 
Claudia Farren 
Dr. Teresa Parrott Nenezian, D.V.M., P.A. 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Drda 
L. M. Day 
Madelyn S. Harmon 
Arthur Muller 
Mr. & Mrs. John Williams 
Gail Harper 
Dr. Kishore J. Thampy 
Irma Scudder 
Stephen F. Theberge, Jr. and Lisa A. Rahn