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Fish And Wildlife Policy

FWF has supported conserving Florida’s wildlife and restoring habitats since 1937. The Federation was instrumental in the creation of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission in 1943, and in merging that agency with the Marine Fisheries Commission in 1999 to create today’s Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) – one of only two constitutionally mandated agencies in the nation. FWC is charged with managing fish and wildlife resources for their long-term sustainability and well-being and for the benefit of the people.

FWF was successful in spearheading the state-wide voter initiative to amend the Florida Constitution to incentivize private landowners to permanently protect their properties through conservation easements. Protecting both public and private lands is critical to preserving habitat for wildlife. We also advocate for clean air, clean water and sustainable wildlife habitat.

Fish And Wildlife Related Articles

Buckeye Foley Cellulose Resolution in Wakulla County
Buckeye/Foley Cellulose Resolution in Wakulla County

Florida Panthers to Get Life Saving Fence
In Response to FWF Study, FDOT to Fence Stretch of Alligator Alley Deadly to Panthers

Injunction Seeks to Restore Money to State’s Conservation Land-Buying Fund
In a legal filing today, the Florida Wildlife Federation and three other citizen groups are seeking an injunction to stop state officials from diverting the state’s conservation land-buying fund to pay for other state functions.

Florida Wildlife Federation Establishes Matching Grant for Donations to Florida’s Water and Land Legacy Campaign
Federation will contribute one dollar to campaign for every two dollars donated

Florida First District Court of Appeals upholds Net Limitation
Florida Wildlife Federation filed an Amicus brief to support the constitutional amendment and is pleased that the court upheld provision to conserve our marine resources.

Little Fish Make Big Fish - Managing Forage Species
Forage fish are those little fish that swim in schools in our saltwaters. As with all ecosystems, our seas and coastal waters need to have all parts of the food chain intact to thrive and be sustainable.

Scientists Link Climate Change and Gray Snapper Spread Via The Fishing Wire
This latest study by Hare, Wuenschel, and Kimball joins a growing number of studies that predict climate change is going to affect marine fish distribution and abundance, creating challenges for scientists, managers, and fishers in the future.

Study summary and graphics.

FWC Seeks Input for Hunting and Wildlife Management Areas
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is seeking public comments on proposed rule changes for hunting and Wildlife Management Areas.

Federation Decries Killing of Florida Panther
To kill a panther should mean a life-long suspension of hunting and fishing licenses and a fine commensurate with the loss to society, say $100,000. We must make it patently clear that game law violators will no longer be tolerated. Shame on this poacher.

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