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Coastal Policy

Cosatal Barrier Resources Act
Cosatal Barrier Resources

Saving our Beaches
FWF is engaged in a plan to develop coastal policies which will preserve storm-prone coastal and floodplain properties which buffer the built environment. Moreover, it will save taxpayer dollars by reducing exposure to storm damage, save the lives of our citizens and their property, and increase protection and restoration of coastal habitats.

This effort seeks to further reduce residents’ debt exposure and the subsidies that encourage irresponsible coastal development in environmentally-sensitive areas. Additionally, we strive to create a more favorable environment for private insurers, including reinsurance entities. FWF has been a leader among environmental groups on these issues due to our concern that subsidized insurance and reinsurance costs incentivize development in sensitive areas, further compounding Florida’s already sizable hurricane and flood risk exposure.

Sea Turtle Protection
FWF is working with conservation allies to promote conservation of sea turtle nesting beaches along Florida’s coasts. We successfully got the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to agree to require sea turtle conservation considerations in the issuance of federal flood insurance and are working with reinsurance companies to highlight the value of barrier islands, natural features and wetlands to buffer and protect built environments.

Following the successful relocation of threatened and endangered sea turtle nests along the Gulf Coast to oil-free habitats on Florida’s Atlantic coast, FWF continues to partner with the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the National Wildlife Federation to protect marine turtle nesting beaches. FWF promotes implementation of the Florida Beaches Habitat Conservation Plan and has initiated a comprehensive reevaluation of the state’s Coastal Construction Control Line Program. FWF is also working to reduce sea turtle mortalities associated with long-lining and trawling.

FWF successfully engaged in litigation at the state and federal levels which resulted in the requirement that shrimp trawlers employ sea turtle excluder devices. FWF also supports efforts to eliminate non-selective fishing gear to reduce impacts to sea turtles and other marine species.

Nature's First Line of Defense

Adapting to Sea-Level Rise

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While politics has continued to dampen the call for action on climate change, many on both sides of the political divide see mitigation as common ground.

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The issue of climate change and resultant rising seas is one all of us needs to pay attention to and we need to demand our elected officials do the same. Time is not on our side.

The Coastal Barrier Resources Act, 30 years of Common Sense Bipartisan Conservation on America's Shores
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Study summary and graphics.

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Capitol Watch End of 2012 Session Wrap Up
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ACTION ALERT - Help us reform Florida's Hurricane Catastrophe Fund
The Florida Wildlife Federation supports reform of both the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (Cat Fund) and Citizens Property Insurance Corporation because it will lead to fewer public subsidies in high risk areas.

Opposition to SB 724, Polluted Water Discharges into the Ocean
On behalf of the Federation, please note our strong concerns over SB 724, which would delay the implementation of cleaning up waste water before it is discharged into our coastal waters.

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