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Regional Offices

Southwest Florida Office in Naples

As the State of Florida is home to diverse fish and wildlife communities and more endangered species than any other state in the continental United States, including the manatee, wood stork and a myriad of other flora and fauna, we have spent many years working on behalf of the recovery and long-term sustainability of these precious species. Of particular interest to the state and the nation is the fabled Florida panther, whose population is now estimated at approximately 160 left in the wild. The Federation maintains a one-person office in Naples which focuses its efforts on the protection of the panther and its habitat. We have made tremendous advances in permanently protecting panther habitat, even in the face of tremendous development pressure. By working with county, state and federal governmental entities, and by partnering with large private landowners, we have facilitated the addition of thousands of acres of panther habitat in Southwest Florida, the last bastion of this highly endangered species.

Northeast Regional Office in St. Augustine

In Northeast Florida, FWF has concentrated on the Florida black bear as the keystone species to preserve significant habitats. The Florida black bear requires large-scale conservation linkages to continue to maintain viable populations. Both the Florida panther and black bear are regarded as umbrella species. Protection and proper management for those species also provides habitat for a host of other native plants and animals. Our one-person office in St. Augustine works with governmental and private partners to expand and connect protected lands from the Ocala National Forest north to the Osceola National Forest and the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia. This office also advocates for habitat protection to be included in county growth management plans.

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