Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral wins 4th Annual FWF statewide “Kids’ Habitat Contest”

Date 04/05/2013

Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral Wins State-Wide Award

            Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF), headquartered in Tallahassee, is pleased toannounce that Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral has been named as thewinner in the 4th Annual FWF statewide “Kids’ Habitat Contest.”Patriot Elementary is being recognized as the best wildlife habitat establishedand maintained by children 12 years old and under for their series of gardenson school property.  The gardens were established under the leadership ofthe school’s teaching staff.  Each of the 5 different gardens has its owntheme, and was planned, planted, and is maintained by a different grade.

           A certificate award presentation ceremony is planned in the gardens at theschool’s Earth Day celebration on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 9:30 am, which willbe attended by Nancy Payton, Southwest Florida Field Representative from FWF’soffice in Naples.  Ms. Payton will present the award.

           The award was made to Patriot in recognition of the excellent educational valueof the gardens which include a Native Lowland Garden, a Native Highland Garden,a Butterfly Garden, a Beach Garden and an Urban Development Garden.  Thediversity of these gardens provides habitat suitable for many native species ofFlorida wildlife.  The knowledge gained by students will be carried homeand back into the community, helping to spread interest in the futureconditions for Florida’s wildlife. 

           The contest was open to all backyard, schoolyard, business or communityhabitats in Florida established by and tended by children.  FWF promotesbuilding places for Florida wildlife to find food, water, breed and raise theiryoung as a way to lessen the dangerous effects of development and diminishingnatural habitat on our native creatures.  FWF is dedicated to education ofyoung Floridians in ways to aid our wildlife as an effective method to helppreserve our heritage of ordinary and unique-to-Florida species for futuregenerations.  FWF is the Florida affiliate of National Wildlife Federation(NWF) and supports and promotes NWF’s Wildlife Habitat Certificationprogram.  This program guides and informs citizens in establishinghabitats. Information about the program and a Florida-specific guide toachieving certification of habitats is available on FWF’s website,    

For pictures and more information on the Habitat Click here.

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