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Battle over Amendment 1 heats up this week

“They simply took buildings full of workers sitting in front of computers and claimed they were land acquisition,” Guest said. “Through that artifice, through that specious argument, they managed to take a 75 percent mandate of Florida voters to acquire land and turned it into a mandate to change the accounting system and buy less land.”

August 2015

Gulf Reef Fish Survey in Florida

This new data collection program will improve how recreational catch is monitored and provide information needed to ensure sustainable fisheries in Florida.

July 2015

Cleaner Bluefish Suggest Coal Rules Work

A large drop in fish mercury levels suggests that U.S. efforts to clean up coal are working

July 2015

Editorial: The real impact of climate change

By mid century, the study found, tens of billions of dollars worth of property could be below sea level, while rising temperatures could devastate agricultural crops and spawn heat waves that force workers indoors and put the poor, sick and elderly at risk of medical emergencies.

July 2015

Palm Beach (FL) County Lionfish Derby Aug. 15

On August 15th, recreational divers will flock to local reefs to hunt in the fifth Annual Palm Beach County Lionfish Derby. Their mission: remove lionfish. Their reward: more than $3,500 in cash prizes for bringing in lionfish and saving native fish populations.

July 2015

Guy Harvey Outpost to redevelop Okee-Tantie campground and marina

Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Lodges is taking another stab at planting an outpost along the banks of Lake Okeechobee.

July 2015

Poll - Hunters and Anglers Support Clean Water Rule

But Manley Fuller, president of the Florida Wildlife Federation, says agricultural, industrial and mining interests are mounting an intense, organized campaign to push Congress to get rid of the rule.

July 2015

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