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Conservation Amendment goes to court

“The thrust of our case is to get the court to provide definition to future legislatures on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to fund with Amendment 1 dollars,” said Manley Fuller, with the Florida Wildlife Federation, one plaintiff in the suit. “We want to try and point them in the right direction.”

June 2015

Our opinion: Legislators ignored Amendment 1 mandate

If this the best they can do, maybe they ought to rename it Florida For A While.

June 2015

Gambler-Turned-Conservationist Devotes Fortune To Florida Nature Preserve

Davis is thinking 300 years into the future with his wildlife restoration project, even though he knows he doesn't have much time left. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in November.

June 2015

FWC and forage fishes: Extra sardines, don't hold the anchovies

The Florida Wildlife Federation is committed to better science and management for forage fishes, which represent an estimated one-third of the world’s marine catch.

June 2015

Environmentalists sue Florida lawmakers over budget

The suit — filed in Leon County on behalf of the Florida Wildlife Federation and its president Manley Fuller, the St. Johns Riverkeeper group and the Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida — asks a judge to find that Gardiner and Crisafulli violated the state constitution and declare that money from the trust fund cannot be substituted to pay for other things.

June 2015

Fred Grimm: Oh those silly voters, thinking they were funding wildlife habitat

The 4.24 million Floridians who approved Amendment 1 last fall only thought they were voting to provide a funding source for the acquisition of conservation land.

June 2015

Environmental groups sue state on Amendment 1 funding

“The Legislature did not do what the amendment requires,” said Florida Wildlife Federation President Manley Fuller, adding that voters were clear they wanted the state to buy conservation land.

June 2015

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