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Editorial: Amendment 1’s lost opportunities

"Lawmakers spent the money on salaries, insurance and other nonconservation purposes and continued to shortchange land preservation. It was a shameful display — one that is hurting our economy and quality of life."

October 2015

How many votes does it take to elect a Florida legislator?

More than two-thirds of Florida’s legislators were elected without a competitive race

October 2015

Delayed effects of oil spill compromise long-term fish survival

"With this very early impact on the heart, you end up with an animal that just can't pump blood through its body as well, which means it can't swim as well to capture food, form schools, or migrate," said Mark Carls, toxicologist at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. "Crude oil is changing basic physiology, or what makes a fish a fish."

October 2015

Time to Register for Florida Python Challenge

Starting Thursday, Oct. 1, you can register for the Python Removal competition online at http://pythonchallenge.org/

October 2015

Climate Change Is Turning 500-Year Floods Into 24-Year Ones

Rising sea levels and an increase in large storms will continue to threaten the Atlantic coast

October 2015

Apalachicola Braces For Army Corps Water Plan

“Apparently, the draft (operating manual) being released … isn’t going to change one thing to help Apalachicola Bay,” Nelson said. “This is very disappointing.”

October 2015

Harvard find Florida among most politically corrupt states in U.S.

Harvard Law School’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics is out with a fascinating new report measuring legal and illegal corruption in American states, and Florida does not fare particularly well.

October 2015

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