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Florida Legislature to Voters For Amendment 1’s Water Protection: Drop Dead

Funny thing about the “will of the people” in Florida. Even when expressed via an overwhelming majority “Yes” vote on a constitutional amendment, the Legislature can and does subvert it.

March 2015

Wednesday's letters: Everglades' future hangs in the balance

There is an epic battle being waged in the Legislature for the future of the Everglades.

March 2015

Porter Goss - Don't let Tallahassee's political ways spoil critical land buy

As an elected representative of the people of Southwest Florida for a cumulative 30 years, including mayor of Sanibel, chairman of the Lee County commission and member of Congress, I found it rare to be offered such an opportunity as Gov. Rick Scott and legislators have today to purchase lands south of Lake Okeechobee at a price favorable to the public.

March 2015

We need your help NOW to Save The Everglades!

Tell your government you support the EAA Reservoir and to buy the land, build the reservoir, and save Florida's drinking water.

March 2015

Reports establish tens of millions of gallons of BP oil still in Gulf

Millions of gallons of oil from BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon blowout have been discovered in the sediments on the Gulf of Mexico’s floor says a new report, giving lie to the petroleum giant’s continue claims that it eradicated the worst consequences of the biggest maritime oil spill in US history.

March 2015

Stunning disregard for voters’ will

The measure’s language and ballot summary were absolutely clear: It was intended to increase land preservation.

March 2015

USFWS and FDOT Partnering In Effort to Decrease Florida Panther, Vehicle Collisions

Nancy Payton, Florida Wildlife Federation Southwest Florida Field Representative, said, “We applaud the cooperative efforts among FDOT, the Service and private landowners to reduce Florida panther road deaths and to enhance Florida’s conservation network by installing highway fencing and underpasses in strategic locations.”

March 2015

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