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FWF is opposed to the destruction of our remaining corals by dredging at Port Everglades.

Faulty Corps ‘fact’ sheet on Port Everglades dredge drawing fire

March 2017

FWF supports the ban on fracking

Commissioners say fracking ban will protect water supply

March 2017

Melbourne man nearly died from Vibrio infection after Indian River Lagoon water dripped on cut

Video, digital extras

March 2017

HELP SAVE FLORIDA'S ESTUARIES! April 11 in Tallahassee

NowOrNeverglades Sportfishing Day

March 2017

Guest column: Invest in reservoir now — not later

There is nothing complicated about the need to invest in the so-called Everglades Agricultural Area reservoir. One need only understand that water flows downhill.

March 2017

Work done along Alligator Alley could save panthers, drivers

[Video] Great work by FWF's Nancy Payton! This fencing will save panthers and people.

February 2017

Back in business: Commissioners revive Conservation Collier

But there are still environmentally important properties out there that the county didn’t buy before putting a halt on acquisitions, said Nancy Payton, of the Florida Wildlife Federation.

February 2017

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