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Amendment 1 lawsuit may rev up after Session

Advocates—including the Florida Wildlife Federation and Sierra Club—sued the state in 2015, saying lawmakers wrongly appropriated money for, among other things, “salaries and ordinary expenses of state agencies” tasked with executing the amendment’s mandate.

May 2017

Progress on Kissimmee River (FL) Restoration Project

A crucial undertaking generations in the making, the Kissimmee River Restoration Project is now within sight of the finish line.

May 2017

[Video] Experts work to save North America's last living coral reef in the Florida Keys

If you've been to the Florida Keys you know how important diving is for the economy, but what if there was no coral left? The scary reality of that happening is not far off. Diving is the engine in the Florida Keys driving an economy built on the last living coral reef in North America.

May 2017

JUST IN - Florida suffers hottest first four months in 122 years

Florida’s average temperature was the highest on record for the first four months of 2017 as the state suffers widespread brush fires and drought.

May 2017

Ron Littlepage - Foresight saved Ravines Conservation area

FWF is currently suing the Legislature so Water and Land Legacy Amendment (2014 Amendment 1) money will be used for conservation.

May 2017

A harmonious future for profits, pine and at-risk species along the Florida-Alabama line

FWF supports land conservation and our longleaf pine ecosystems!

May 2017

Editorial - Legislature again ignores voter

FWF strongly supports Florida Forever – that is why we are suing the Legislature to make them do the will of the people

May 2017

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