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Groups push state for Everglades deals

"This is basic survival for South Florida," said Martha Musgrove with the Florida Wildlife Federation. "Are we going to have water, is it going to be clean, will there be land to enjoy or do we have to join a club and pay the dues?"

March 2015

Florida Lists More Lionfish Removal Derbies

Be the Predator! Get in involved with lionfish removal by attending one of the following derbies or events!

February 2015

Mysterious East Coast flooding was caused by ‘unprecedented’ surge in sea level

“This is a very extreme event,” Jianjun Yin of the University of Arizona told The Washington Post in a phone interview. “The sea level has since dropped after that spike, but it is still much higher than it was when the spike began in 2009. … Global warming definitely contributed to this event.”

February 2015

1,200-Plus Coalition Members Call on Congress to Boost Federal Conservation Funding

A diverse and growing coalition representing more than 1,200 groups dedicated to balanced natural resources policy today urged congressional leaders to implement a 2-percent increase in funding for key conservation, outdoors and historic preservation programs in fiscal year 2016.

February 2015

Rising seas threaten South Florida's drinking water

But rising sea levels change things in unexpected ways, and seawater threatens to turn the drinking water salty. In some places, the ocean has already made good on that threat. And the problem is going to get worse.

February 2015

Sportsmen's, wildlife groups say new poll confirms support for public lands

Sportsmen and wildlife advocates point to the results of a new bipartisan poll as once again underscoring the strong, widespread support for our public lands and for ensuring access to them now and for future generations.

February 2015

The monarch massacre: Nearly a billion butterflies have vanished

Threatened animals like elephants, porpoises and lions grab all the headlines, but what’s happening to monarch butterflies is nothing short of a massacre. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service summed it up in just one grim statistic on Monday: Since 1990, about 970 million have vanished

February 2015

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