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Editorial: Florida should ban fracking

Floridians saw six years ago what happens when their well-being is put at risk for the sake of oil and gas industry profits.

February 2016

Editorial: Another assault on our parks

The assault on Florida’s park and conservation lands continues in Tallahassee, as a new bill introduced under the guise of improving management of state lands proposes using Amendment 1 money for massive water transfer projects and allowing landowners with property adjacent to state-owned lands to buy those state lands in exchange for not developing their existing properties.

February 2016

Many thanks to Sen. Bill Nelson for defending Florida's ecology and economy!

Nelson on offshore oil drilling amendment

February 2016

What mysteries live in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico?? Find out!

Gulf of Mexico adventure reveals wonders of the deep

February 2016

Burt Eno: New law does little to help water crisis

You will be. The state Legislature just passed a water bill which caters to Big Ag and Big Business.

February 2016

House, Senate again budget Amendment 1 money for operating expenses

The Legislature hasn't changed its mind on how to use land and water conservation money, despite cries from conservation groups that Amendment 1 not be used for routine expenses as it was last year.

February 2016

Hold the anchovies: Healthy oceans depend on forage fish

Anchovies are food for ocean wildlife

February 2016

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