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Don't be misled by Amendment 1 wording

FWF urges you to vote "No!"

October 2016

FWF strongly supports bear proof trash cans!

FWC receives 19 proposals from local governments for bear-conflict reduction funding

October 2016

Guest column: Hurricane Matthew delivers a reminder of life on Florida’s coast

By Manley Fuller, President of the Florida Widlife Federation.

October 2016

Sea Grass Protection Goals Clearer Thanks to Florida Study

Seagrass beds shelter and feed small invertebrates, shellfish, sport fish, manatees and more.

October 2016

Editorial: The power, as in solar, lies with the voters t

If voters want to support a true free market for energy consumption in this state and help consumers in the process, they should reject Amendment 1

October 2016

Climate Change at 7 National Parks

7 Iconic Views at Risk from Climate Change

October 2016

Q&A: Polluted Water In Sinkhole At Mosaic Fertilizer Plant

Hurricane Matthew's heavy rains are predicted to soak much of Florida, and that could complicate efforts to manage the pollution flowing into a sinkhole that opened up beneath a fertilizer plant's massive pile of toxic waste.

October 2016

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