Bring Home the Bees Contest

Date 06/07/2017

Certify your garden this Pollinator Month and win a bee nesting house!

Apply to have your yard or garden recognized as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat between June 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017.  You will be entered to win one of two summer bee nesting houses, perfect to provide native bees with a place to bear their young. The bee houses come equipped with a reusable nesting block, a container to store a bee cocoon over the winter, and a full guide on setting up your bee cabin. 

There is lots of valuable information about certifying your habitat in the latest issue of the Florida Fish and Wildlife News. Click on the link at the bottom of FWF's Habitat page to certify your garden:

Tags: Pollinator Month, Certified Wildlife Habitat, Certified Wildlife Habitat Florida, Florida

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