Help Purchase a Second Reconyx Camera to Document Florida Panthers in the Wild

HC600 HyperFire™ High Output Covert IR Camera

Goal: Met - Additional Funds Needed

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We have meet our goal of $2000, additional funds will be used to operate the cameras beyond their slated six months.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the purchase of the camera for your overwhelming response, including a very generous gift of $1,000 by a single donor. To date, $2705 has been donated towards our goal of $2000 for two cameras. Due to the great response we received, additional money will be used to operate the cameras beyond their original six months.

Each Reconyx camera costs $685 and $315 purchases six months of gas to retrieve photos from this camera and other cameras placed on conservation lands in Southwest Florida. Everyone dollar counts!

Please consider giving $5, $10, $25 or more to help reach $1000.

What your donation buys:

One camera plus security enclosure, lock, memory card, and batteries.

  • Reconyx cameras are state-of-art field cameras that take great pictures, are very reliable, and are made in USA!
  • Six months of gasoline to monitor cameras (What good is the camera if the pictures are not retrieved!?!).

Benefits to Florida panthers and panther advocacy:

Photos provide important scientific data and are a handy tool for nature education. The camera you purchase will:

  • Document what species of wildlife are using underpasses and roaming conservation lands.
  • Document how often an underpass is used.
  • Enable Florida panther biologists to monitor or become aware of specific panthers including injured panthers or       mothers with kittens. Look closely there is a mother Panther with three kittens in the photo below.
  • Provide a humane alternative and a far less expensive way to study panthers - traditional method is tracking with     specially trained dogs, treeing, tranquilizing, and attaching telemetry collars.
  • Allow the public to see and appreciate these magnificent wild cats and other native wildlife living in their natural         habitats.
  • Help FWF’s advocacy and education campaigns that promote recovery of the Florida panther recovery and the         protection of other native wildlife.
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