Nesting Boxes Available for A Donation

With the holiday season approaching rapidly, now is the time to select gifts that will please your recipients, benefit wildlife and financially support FWF. The bird nesting boxes are hand crafted pro bono for FWF from native Florida cypress by director Bob Taylor fit each of these requirements. Bob has now constructed more than 600 of these boxes and several have been shipped as far away as New England and to Washington State (and one to Sweden) where they were readily accepted and used by local birds. Four sizes are available. The small is designed for blue birds and other birds of similar size. The most popular size (medium) attracts wood ducks, screech owls and kestrels, while the large size is designed to accommodate the larger black bellied whistling ducks that are becoming increasingly common in the lakes and ponds of south and central Florida. An extra large nesting box meant for barred owls can also be made but only by special order and requires a month advance notice.

To make a donation to the Federation and to order your gift nesting boxes, please download and fill out the order form here, or call the Federation office at 850-656-7113. The donation amounts per box are $30, $60, $80 and $150 respectively for the several sizes plus the cost of shipping. Bob can direct the shipments either to you or directly to your recipients. For those who want to contribute but do not have adequate space on your property, if you would like to donate a nest box to be placed in an appropriate location on public land in Central Florida by Bob Taylor, this is also an option.

Click here for Nest Box Order Form

Click here to see Bob and friends install nest boxes into the wild!
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