Help FWF Donate 100 Wildlife Books on November 20th, 2013 to Northeast Florida Schools

Waltzes with Giants, The Twilight Journey of the North Atlantic Right Whale

Goal Met – Thank you!!

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On November 20, 2013 FWF will be hosting Peter C. Stone during teacher-student workshops in Northeast Florida. During this daylong event, FWF would like to donate all 100 books to the participating schools. This book normally retails for $17.95, but for $1,000 we can purchase and deliver 100 books. That is only $10 a book! We are half way there; please help us make this happen.


One of the core missions of the Florida Wildlife Federation is promote education, conservation and appreciation of Florida's amazing natural environment. The North Atlantic Right Whale is an endangered species and calves off of the Atlantic coast of Northeast Florida. By donating this beautiful book into elementary school classrooms and providing hands on workshops with the author, FWF aims to foster an awareness of the need for conservation and inspire the next generation to protect our fish and wildlife.


Waltzes with Giants, The Twilight Journey of the North Atlantic Right Whale (Skyhorse, Fall 2012), is a moving portrait of one of the earth’s largest endangered mammals. Mystical and provocative, the book is inspired by a real North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) and her threatened migrations from Atlantic Canada to her calving grounds off the coasts of Georgia and Florida. Blending sound science and art with a literary voice, Peter C. Stone takes the reader beneath the waves to reveal how we have historically decimated many species of whales and other species of fish and aquatic mammals for material gain, even though they are an integral part of the ecosystems upon which we depend. Supported by a glossary of scientific and book-specific words, as well as a list of resource links for the North Atlantic right whale and other marine mammals, Waltzes with Giants is built upon questions. It will captivate readers of all ages by making science and the marvels of the oceans engaging and comprehensible. Hardcover, 112 pages. 50 color paintings and 9 b/w drawings.

Author, Peter C. Stone:

Author, educator, artist (with over fifty solo exhibitions at galleries and museums in the United States, Canada, and England,) Peter C. Stone’s books and paintings explore the evolutionary wisdom and interconnectedness of endangered creatures, cultures, and ecosystems.

When the endangered North Atlantic right whale migrates to the coasts of Georgia and northern Florida to calve so does the southeast team of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's North Atlantic Right Whale Project. A team of eight scientists sets up camp every year to keep tabs on the right whales migrating to the North Florida area. Follow the Florida Wildlife Federation as we learn what the Right Whale Project does to monitor and protect these rare creatures. Produced by Anna Hamilton for FWF. Anna is an aspiring documentarian and Florida native who's currently working on a Masters degree at the University of Mississippi.

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